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10 Things I Learned About Living In Colombia

After traveling and living in Bogota, Colombia for the last 6 months, I learned a few little things along the way...

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2. Traveling isn't expensive

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The Colombian economy is good and the peso/ dollar exchange rate is great, so if you're up for a weekend getaway, airline tickets are usually less than $100. A HUNDRED DOLLARS. Start packing folks.

3. Bring out your Rosetta Stone, it's time to be bilingual

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Obviously, English speakers are rather hard to come by, so if you remember those good ol' Spanish classes from high school or college, you're ready. If not, they have many Spanish classes in schools and hostels.

4. The public transportation is an adventure

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In places like Bogota and Cartagena, they have their own bus system. Pretty efficient right? They have their own line, and it gets you places. The bad news? Humans. So many humans.

5. Colombians are the most relaxed people

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I've never seen a country so calm in my life. Most Colombians like to sit, relax, and move at their own pace so if you're at a restaurant, you're likely to be there for over 2 hours.

6. However, you want to pull your hair out at the shopping checkout...

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I like to relax as much as the next person, but if the person in front of you has 1000000 of groceries and is moving like a sloth crossing a road, and all you want to do is buy your usual 20,000 pesos worth of chocolate and alcohol, be prepared to wait a while.

7. If you love drinking, you'll love Tejo

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Whoever invented a game that combined drinking and 'a bean bag tossing' idea except with no bean bags but with discs and it explodes if you make it in, let me love you.

9. The national anthem will hit you right in the feels

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In Bogota, for example, Colombians mostly play their national anthem at 6AM and 6PM on radio stations, bus stops, you name it. I've never seen a country so proud of where they come from. Also, the song is one of those songs you play when you wanna feel patriotic.

10. One of the happiest places in the world!

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In a few recent posts, Colombia has always been acknowledged as one of the happiest places in the world. I mean really they love to dance, sing, and be joyful! If this doesn't sell you, I don't know what will.

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