18 Reasons Groot Would Be The Perfect Boyfriend

We are Groot.

1. He’s tall.

Marvel Studios / Via kotaboda.tumblr.com

2. And kind of built. For a tree.

Marvel Studios / Via mtv.com

3. He’s sensitive.

Marvel Studios / Via aeyelaeyen.tumblr.com

4. But he can still be a badass.

Marvel Studios / Via cinemablend.com

5. He’s a man of few words. Three, to be precise.

Marvel Studios / Via aeyelaeyen.tumblr.com

6. That SMILE.

Marvel Studios / Via fysmite.tumblr.com

7. He’d bring you flowers.

Marvel Studios / Via ciaradileera.tumblr.com

8. He’d be super protective.

Marvel Studios / Via screenrant.com

9. He also protects the galaxy, which is cool.

Marvel Studios / Via theurbandaily.com

10. He doesn’t always have his shit together either.

Marvel Studios / Via ciaradileera.tumblr.com

Which is oddly reassuring.

11. Can your boyfriend do this?

Marvel Studios / Via aeyelaeyen.tumblr.com

12. He’d probably always let you pick what to watch on Netflix.

Marvel Studios / Via ciaradileera.tumblr.com

13. I mean, just look how cute he is with Rocket

14. Speaking of Rocket, you’d get an awesome new best friend!

Marvel Studios / Via mc-ballin.tumblr.com

15. You’d always win in an argument.

Marvel Studios / Via aeyelaeyen.tumblr.com

“I didn’t ask you what your name was, I asked you if this dress makes me look bad. Are you avoiding the question?”

“I am Groot does not explain what you were doing for the last three hours when you were supposed to be cleaning.”

16. He’d always be able to reach the top shelf.

Marvel Studios

17. He’d be the best dance partner.

Marvel Studios / Via trialmockers.tumblr.com

18. We are Groot.

Marvel Studios / Via soyeahbluesdance.tumblr.com

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