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    16 Ways Your Life Is Not Like "The Notebook"

    Today marks the tenth anniversary of "The Notebook." Here's to all the unrealistic romantic expectations that Ryan Gosling is responsible for.

    1. A boy you don't know climbing a ferris wheel will not be this cute. It will probably A. lead to his death, and B. be the most traumatizing night of your life.

    2. No but really. You'll die.

    3. Who would waste ice cream like this?

    4. A boy will not be willing to become a bird for you.

    Or probably any other animal for that matter.

    5. Having almost sex in an abandoned building: no.

    There'd be splinters and dirt and those stairs look like they're about to collapse.

    6. He won't write you 365 letters.

    More like he'll just text you until you block his number.

    7. Anyone who restores a house to your specifications after not seeing you for years is probably a little psychotic.

    You might want to consider a restraining order.

    8. Being surrounded by this many birds would actually be terrifying.


    10. Getting caught in the rain is never this romantic.

    11. Or this sexy.

    12. Spending the day with your ex and your friend with benefits?

    It will not go this surprisingly well.

    13. You don't look this pretty when you cry.

    14. Fighting with your boyfriend will not seem this romantic.

    15. Ryan Gosling is not your boyfriend

    16. And he never will be.

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