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22 Things That Inevitably Happen To Every Fitbit User

The step struggle is real.

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1. When you first get a Fitbit, you're shocked at how little you move.

2. So you overhaul your entire workout regimen to get in more steps.

3. Within a week you're totally addicted.

4. You become as obsessive about checking your dashboard as you are about stalking your ex on Instagram.

5. And there's always one Fitbit friend adding INSANE step counts.


6. Beating them to the top of the step leaderboard is now your life purpose...


7. ...meaning you find a competitive streak you never knew you had.

8. Your entire mood can depend on how well you're doing in a Workweek Hustle challenge.

9. So running in place for more steps becomes a totally normal thing.

10. The family dog is worn out with all the extra walks you're taking.

11. You find new weird and wonderful ways to walk more.


12. But housemates hate your late night stair climbing to reach your step goal.

13. A commute becomes a challenge, not a chore.

14. Your world comes to a halt when you accidentally forget your Fitbit.

15. You refuse to move when your Fitbit is charging.

16. As far as you're concerned, there's no excuse for taking the elevator.

17. Nights out are planned around how much dancing you can do.

18. But all that obsessive counting starts to pay off because DAYUM you look good.

19. You can be a little smug about how great you feel, inside and out.


20. But mostly you spread the word about the band on your wrist that changed your life.


21. Eventually your obsession rubs off on even your laziest friends and you form a Fitbit fam.

22. In the end, there's nothing to do but embrace the addiction.

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