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22 Truths You Will Know If You’ve Ever Experienced Mania

Manic Depression's touching my soul

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1. You're amazing! You can do anything…

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"Reach for the stars!"

2. Eating’s cheating and sleep is for losers,

You don’t need those things! You’re invincible!

You don’t need those things! You’re invincible!

3. The moment when you get your credit card bill..

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That shopping spree seemed such a great idea at the time

4. Remembering conversations you have had with people can be embarrassing..

“Quit your job, come and work for me! I’m an international prostitute!”

5. People think you’re hilarious

6. People think you’re annoying

7. You know how it feels to be really fucking high

8. …And then there’s the other side

9. Signs! There are signs everywhere!

Telling you the aliens are coming… or something.

10. You have so many amazing ideas!

Why won’t anyone listen?!

11. You are a sexual deviant on the prowl ready for action!

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You do NOT want to wear clothes

12. You make impulsive decisions

“Let’s move to Spain and join a circus!”

13. You probably self medicate when you are experiencing symptoms

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14. You have boundless energy

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"I'm free!!"

15. Your confidence is limitless

16. You’ve had some pretty unusual beliefs

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“I’m just making a plan cos the devil will be back and we need to be a bit more prepared”

17. You take unnecessary risks

18. You should probably chill the fuck out

19. You are the life and soul of the party (when you are high)

20. But what goes up must come down (eventually)

21. You know who your true friends are

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22. Your family and friends love you just the way you are!

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