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16 Things To Remember When Planning A Road Trip Around Tasmania

Make the most of this idyllic island state.

1. Book a car or camper van in advance, especially if you're travelling over a long weekend or holiday break.

2. If you decide to book a van, steer clear of the offensive ones.

3. Don't underestimate the size of Tasmania.

4. Get out of the car and take a really long hike.

5. But before you head off, make sure you've got your feet properly prepared.

6. Basically, just pack for all four seasons.

7. Get up early, even if you're not a morning person.

8. Research where you want to stay well in advance and book early.

9. Get ~old school~ and bring a real map.

10. And bring a CD or three.

11. Be sure to spend a night under the stars.

12. And introduce yourself to a Tasmanian devil.

13. Leave one big island to find an even smaller island.

14. Organise at least one night ~glamping~ while you're on the road.

15. Travel with a friend who is ready for an adventure.

16. And don't forget to take a good camera.