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19 Places Everyone Should Eat And Drink In Hobart

Nobody leaves Tassie with an empty stomach.

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1. Jackman & McRoss, Battery Point

Instagram: @1996cm92kg

If the smell of delicious baked goods doesn't lure you through the doors, the Parisian charm of this little gem in historic Battery Point will. From the loaves of freshly-baked bread to the cabinets of beautiful sweet treats, you'll love everything about this place.

2. Small Fry, Hobart

Instagram: @smallfryhobart

Here you will find the most delicious, mouth-watering gourmet doughnuts that will ever touch your tastebuds. Small Fry also do amazing coffee and seasonal breakfasts in their intimate café space but really, the doughnuts are the most important thing to mention here.

3. Templo, Hobart

Instagram: @jacquisfoodfetish

This place is often booked out, for two good reasons: the food is outstanding and it only seats around 20 people. When you finally get a table, arrive hungry and let the chef guide you through eight courses of Italian-inspired dishes of local fish, delicious pasta, and delicate sweets, all paired with local and international wines.

4. MONA, Berriedale

Instagram: @monamuseum

Mona isn't just about art, it's also about good food and drink. The Wine Bar at the museum's entrance is where you'll find local Tasmanian oysters, cheese, and some of the best wine in the state. If you're feeling really fancy, head to The Source for some amazing French-inspired dishes that are so pretty, you'll have to take a photo before you dig in.

5. Pancho Villa, North Hobart

Instagram: @panchovillanoho

With a cocktail list that'll have you drooling into your guacamole, this North Hobart spot is definitely worth a visit if you're serious about Mexican food. Grab a seat and wash down your succulent pork tacos and soft-shell crab salad with lots of tequila.

6. The Glass House, Franklin Wharf

Instagram: @tghhobart

Some come to The Glass House for the food and others for the impressive liquor cabinet, which comes to life with the help of some wildly-talented bar staff. At the very end of the Brooke Street Pier, surrounded by Hobart's gorgeous waterfront, this bright restaurant has one of the best views in the city.

7. Bruny Island Cheese Co, Bruny Island

Instagram: @eggstaticaboutfood

Take a short drive to Kettering, jump on the ferry, and spend the day eating your way across Bruny Island. At Bruny Island Cheese Co, not only can you eat this dairy gold, straight from the maker, you can team it with locally-crafted beer.

8. Frank, Franklin Wharf

Instagram: @frank_restaurant_bar

Just as Frank has been rumored to attract the likes of celebrities Katy Perry and Adam Lambert, this Hobart favorite has become a little celeb in its own right. This spot is famous for its cocktails, Spanish-inspired cuisine, and designer interior.

9. Local Pizza, Berriedale

Instagram: @localpizza

Sometimes all you want at the end of a long day is a pizza. Here you can get a wood-fired pizza pocket, stuffed with homemade vanilla gelato, and a bucket-load of gooey Nutella. Tasty.

10. Peppermint Bay, Woodbridge

Instagram: @peppermint_bay

If you want lunch with a view, they don't come much better than this. Either take a short 35-minute drive or catch a ferry south to find yourself at this picturesque location.

11. Grape, Hobart

Instagram: @grape_bar

Grape by name, grape by nature. By day soak up Grape's prime location in the heart of Salamanca with a glass or two of vino, some oysters, and tapas. As day turns to night, feel free to swap that wine for an espresso martini.

12. Room For A Pony, North Hobart

Instagram: @the3bigpigs

This North Hobart joint has nailed the two most important meals of the day: breakfast and after-work drinks.

13. Farm Gate Market, Hobart

Instagram: @seanbaxterambassador

Whether you're looking for fresh produce of a cure for your hangover, the weekly Farm Gate Market in the heart of the city will satisfy you. With food vans, veggies, flowers, and seafood direct from local suppliers, spend some time shopping and eating.

14. Smolt, Salamanca Square

Instagram: @gilbertganda

If you want to impress someone, take them to Smolt. This bustling restaurant, ideally situated in Salamanca Square, is certain to have you in the good books, whether it's a brunch with coffee or dinner with a few bottles of local pinot.

15. Cascade Brewery, South Hobart

Instagram: @lizajanesowden

Take a history lesson of the tastiest kind and pay a visit to Australia's oldest operating brewery. You can book a tour or you could just park yourself on a seat in the restaurant and make your way through the seven beers on tap.

16. Willie Smith's Apple Shed, Grove

Instagram: @thestrawberrystory

Apple cider, apple pie, and apples! Situated in the gorgeous Huon Valley, about 25-minutes south of Hobart, this charming shed is a constant hub of delectable local produce, organic cider on tap, and live entertainment.

17. Coal River Farm, Cambridge

Instagram: @mr_coalriverfarm

If you've ever dreamed of a place where nobody would judge you for eating cheese as a main meal then consider Coal River Farm your own personal heaven. It's a real farm with cute farm animals, who you can actually cuddle, and views across the Tasmanian countryside that'll have all your Instagram followers jealous.

18. Franklin, Hobart

Instagram: @franklinhobart

This award-winning joint is not only one of the best in Hobart but is also considered one of the best restuarants in the country. It's a sleek space with a menu that changes daily, showcasing the best Tasmanian produce.

19. Preachers, Battery Point

Instagram: @preachershobart

Fake grass, great beers on tap, hearty food, and a bus that’s going nowhere. What more could you want on a summer afternoon?