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Wisconsin Dems Speculate That "Union Thugs" Will Scare Walker Away From Brewers Opening Day

In union-built Miller Park, no less!

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Following on the heels of the Romney-Ryan "SubGate" scandal, another entertaining press release from the Wisconsin Democratic Party speculates that Governor Scott Walker will skip the Milwaukee Brewers' opening day because left fielder Ryan Braun got out of his suspension thanks to the players' union.

"As the Milwaukee Brewers begin their 2012 pursuit of the National League pennant, Scott Walker will be confronted with some major league irony if he actually goes to today's home opener," state chair Mike Tate writes. (The opening game isn't until tomorrow.)

"This year, Scott Walker has special reason to cower from the public on Opening Day. That's because this year, the benefits of collective bargaining are writ large in the exoneration of Most Valuable Player Ryan Braun. Braun used protections only available to him through collective bargaining to beat back an unjust 50-game suspension. Without the basic principles that bind labor unions everywhere, the Brewers' would have a much tougher 2012 campaign and Braun himself would have suffered irreparable injury."

Walker's press secretary didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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