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The Catholic League Has Mobilized

Yesterday, the Catholic League promised a campaign against Jon Stewart. Today they're launching it with an appearance on Current TV.

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After two announcements promising a war against The Daily Show, the Catholic League declared today that it has officially mobilized after Jon Stewart's failure to apologize for a mildly ribald bit involving a "vagina manger." The mobilization begins tonight with an appearance by League president Bill Donohue on Current TV.

Per their latest missive:

Today we will contact Kraft, one of whose products, MiO Energy, was one of the five sponsors that advertised on both the April 17 and April 18 episodes. Moreover, we will contact those on our “Allied Organizations” list (over two days) to join this campaign. They will be asked to contact Steve Albani, Senior VP of Comedy Central Communications, and Kraft.
This is just the beginning. Over the next several weeks, we will contact every major Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Mormon and Muslim leader and organization in the nation; they will be sent the picture, along with Stewart’s remarks. We will contact Viacom (which owns Comedy Central, home to “The Daily Show”) making sure that all board members and senior management know about Stewart’s anti-Christian and grossly misogynist attack. We will take out ads in newspapers, etc. We are not going away.
What Jon Stewart did ranks with the most vulgar expression of hate speech ever aired on television. His incivility cannot go unanswered.

Donohue will appear on Cenk Uygur's "The Young Turks" show at 7 p.m. tonight. In the meantime, the Catholic League is depicting Stewart in flames on their website:

And the League's website was temporarily shut down:

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