The 10 Best (Worst) Political Ads Of The Year

Campaigns, super PACs, and everyone else have churned out ads by the minute this election cycle. Here are some of the strangest.

1. Jeff Barth: “Why Jeff Barth For Congress?”

Despite this nearly five-minute opus, Barth did not win his primary race to take on Republican Kristi Noem for South Dakota’s lone congressional seat.

2. Herman Cain: “Now is the time for action!”

The Mark Block smoking ad.

3. Roland Sledge: “Electric Fences”

In an unusual ad featuring a man urinating on an electric fence, Sledge lays out his pitch to become Texas’ Railroad Commissioner.

4. Ron Gould: “Straight Shooter”

Gould, a candidate for Arizona’s 4th Congressional District, shot Obamacare to bits in his ad.

5. Herman Cain: “Rabbit”

One of Cain’s numerous “Any questions?” ads. This one features a rabbit being shot in mid-air.

6. Gary Johnson: “The Elephants and Donkeys deserve the BIRD”

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson literally gives Democrats and Republicans the finger.

7. Revolution PAC: “Armed Chinese Troops in Texas!”

The pro-Ron Paul super PAC released this ad imagining a world in which the Chinese have invaded Texas.

8. New Hampshire Liberty For Paul: “Jon Huntsman’s Values”

This controversial ad by a pro-Ron Paul group portrayed Jon Huntsman as the Manchurian Candidate. Ron Paul later disavowed it as “just stupid.”

9. Herman Cain: “This Is The Economy On Stimulus”

Another Cain ad, this time depicting a dead goldfish instead of a rabbit. Same little girl.

10. Fred Thompson: “Fred Thompson’s America”

Former Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson put out a video of himself in a bloody shirt soliciting people to sign up for his email newsletter.

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