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Poll: Americans Oppose Palestinian Moves At The U.N.

An Election Night poll by The Israel Project shows a bump in support for Israel in the midst of the Arab Spring. Conducted before the recent conflict.

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American voters oppose a U.N. resolution in favor of a Palestinian state in the absence of deal between the two parties, according to a poll funded by The Israel Project and shared with BuzzFeed Wednesday morning.

According to the poll, which was conducted on election night by Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg and before the current conflict in Gaza erupted, 69% of respondents support a two-state solution, but 57% oppose a U.N.-brokered Palestinian state. Only 27%percent support a unilateral declaration of independence. Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas will appear at the U.N. in New York tomorrow for the vote on whether to raise the Palestinians' status to "non-member observer state."

The poll also included questions about the impact of the Arab Spring on American support for Israel. In a release, the Israel Project concludes that "the upheaval in the Middle East known as 'The Arab Spring,' has coincided with a significant jump in the percentage of American support for Israel, which is up by eight points during the past year, to 68 percent."

(That metric was measured by a question about whether voters wished to "strengthen" American ties with Israel.)

According to Josh Block, a former spokesman for AIPAC who is CEO of the Israel Project, a pro-Israel educational group, the poll included an even split among Democrats and Republicans, with some respondents identifying as independent. There were 793 respondents, all of whom said they voted in the election.

The data also show an increasing wariness towards the Egyptian government of Mohammed Morsi, with a majority of respondents saying they would cut aid to Egypt if it acted in a way that broke its treaty with Israel. Many also said they would support cutting aid to Egypt because of human rights abuses. Forty-one percent "strongly" believed that the new Egyptian government and ones like it threaten American security interests.

Feelings toward Iran continue to be wary at best, the poll showed, with only nine percent reporting a favorable opinion of that country's leadership. And many voters support the U.S. joining in with Israel if it were strike Iranian nuclear facilities and if then Iran retaliated: "Seventy-one percent of American voters support the U.S. coming to the military defense of Israel if Israel were to strike Iranian nuclear facilities to keep it from getting nuclear weapons and then Iran attacked Israel in response," according to the Israel Project's release.

Rosie Gray is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Washington, D.C. Gray reports on politics and foreign policy.

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