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Occupy Presidential Candidate Would Attack Iran

Vermin Supreme came out in favor of pre-emptive action against Iran in last week's debate with "Rent Is Too Damn High" candidate Jimmy McMillan.

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Vermin Supreme, a fringe New Hampshire figure who is the first presidential candidate to come out of the Occupy movement, announced his support for military action against Iran in last week's debate with Jimmy McMillan.

In response to an interviewer's question on whether he would attack Iran, Supreme said, "Sure, why not. What the hell. I mean, we don't like them, we need a few more states, it's going to be a while before we make the moon a state."

McMillan stayed mum on the subject. "I'm a karate expert and a Vietnam veteran," he said. "I will not let you know or tell you when I plan to whoop your ass or how I plan to do it. I'm not John McCain."

The debate was hosted on Groundhog Day by the Yale College Republicans and touted as "The Most Important Debate in Political History."

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