“Obama” Sells Cellphones In Poland

An ad uses wordplay on the president’s name to sell a smartphone/tablet package.

An ad for a Polish telecommunications company Plus depicts President Obama on Air Force One, thanking a mysterious Polish associate for his new smartphone and tablet.

“Oba ma” is a play on words in Polish, meaning “he has both” — it’s a reference to the package smartphone/tablet deal being offered.

Polish political reporter Paulina Kozlowska emailed over the following translation of the conversation between “Obama” and his interlocutor:

- Oba ma? (there is a pause, so it’s more “oba ma” than “Obama”)
- Yes.
- Smartphone ma? (not a particularly correct way to say: do you have a smartphone?)
- Yes.
- Tablet ma? (again, not a really nice way to ask: do you have a tablet?)
- Yes.
- So, what do you say?
- Dziekuję - Thank you (with a strong American accent).

The ad never actually uses Obama’s likeness, cutting away every time his chair swivels around.

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