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NH Protester Who Slipped Obama A Love Note Knows Why The Photo Was A Hit

In November, we posted this awesome photo of an Occupy protester handing President Obama a "love note" of sorts. The look on his face, note-passer Ryan Hirsch tells us: "total smugness."

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The little Post-It was actually the script Occupy New Hampshire protesters used to mic-check Obama at a campaign event. Mic-checking politicians is popular among occupiers -- it's happened to Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, and others -- but Occupy NH is the only group that's snagged POTUS so far.

Last night BuzzFeed talked to the guy who handed Obama the script ("You must stop the assault on our First Amendment rights," etc) and landed his photo on our website (it also launched a modest meme). He's Ryan Hirsch, 27, of Pelham, NH, a FedEx technician.

"I'll tell you -- total smugness, that's what my face in that photo was," Hirsch said. "That got you guys a lot of hits." (It did.)

Hirsch is now involved in Occupy the New Hampshire Primary, slated to kick off in the coming week.

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