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Jose Canseco: Twitter "Just Comes To Me"

The reigning king of Twitter explains his method to BuzzFeed. And he's got a website coming!

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Former baseball star Jose Canseco described his tweets as "deranged" and shrugged off his brief Twitter blackout in an interview with BuzzFeed today.

"They're just instant," Canseco said of his tweets in the telephone interview. "It just comes to me."

"To me the whole thing's funny. I'm just putting these deranged tweets out there."

Canseco said that his his absence from Twitter was over — "it should be working right now" — and was cagey about whether or not he had been hacked.

"You could say that, kind of," Canseco said.

He added that he is planning to launch a "membership website" and "incorporate Twitter in there, or Skype."

"You guys will be able to see me when I'm tweeting," Canseco said. "There'll be a video camera on me, I'll be taking the video camera with me wherever I go." He said that the website will be announced in the next two weeks, and then asked this reporter her age.