Bryan Fischer Cancels Planned DNC Trip

The nation’s loudest social conservative won’t do his show from Charlotte next week as he planned. “I might live longer this way.”

I won’t be going to DNC - safety concerns after FRC shooting. Dangerous for conservatives in land of liberal compassion.— Bryan Fischer

Conservative radio host Bryan Fischer, best-known for his instrumental role in the controversy over gay Romney campaign spokesman Richard Grenell, has cancelled a scheduled trip to the Democratic National Convention. Fischer was planning to air his radio show from the convention.

Fischer’s reason for the cancellation is that he and the American Family Association were concerned for his safety in light of the recent shooting at the Family Research Council in Washington.

“I was booked to go, and had space reserved on radio row to do my show from there all three days of the convention,” Fischer told BuzzFeed in an email. “We’d already purchased non-refundable airline tickets, and had car rental and hotel reservations already made. But after the FRC shooting, Tim Wildmon, our president, came to me and said out of concern from my safety it might be better for me not to go. So we changed plans and I went to the RNC instead.”

“I’ll miss the fun, and the potentially vigorous interviews with folks on the other side of the aisle, but I might live longer this way,” Fischer said.

Asked if there were any specific threats, Fischer responded that there were none, but “there weren’t any threats before the FRC shooting, were there?”

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