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Alternative Adverts: Africa’s Premier Digital Marketing Agency

Let’s face it, digital marketing is comparatively new to Africa, but the strides that has been made in the sector has been nothing short of burgeoning. Since the transition from strictly traditional advertising to using elements of digital marketing in the integrated marketing mix has been made, a lot of indigenous companies have been at the forefront of driving the adaptation of digital marketing as a marketing strategy.

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At the forefront of the digital revolution in Africa is Alternative Adverts Network Services Limited, a company that promises to give Google a run for their money (and it looks like they mean it!). Asides from being a creative Advertising agency, Alternative Adverts has taken the game up a notch by creating a display network that is tailored to serve the indigenous market. More mind blowing, is the fact that one can get his or her adverts on top websites in Nigeria, and Africa as a whole by utilizing the platform.

According to Clement Ezika, a consumer manager at the company, Alternative Advert has simplified display advertising for Nigerians and indeed Africa as whole with its platform. He also pointed out that setting up one’s ads and delivering them to more than 5000 top websites in Nigeria and beyond instantaneously takes less than five minutes.

Alternative Adverts has changed the display adverts game in Africa and beyond but they still maintain a 360 degrees digital marketing agency. Adugba Saviour, the head of digital services at Alternative Adverts pointed out that Alternative Advert is widely known for its display network but many people fail to realize that the company is very well grounded in email marketing and social media marketing. According to him, Alternative Adverts has carried out campaigns for top brands like Airtel, PZ Cussons and others and they have achieved amazing results with minimal cost per click.

True, the world of digital marketing is changing on a daily basis and the African scene is also being affected, but no matter the direction it takes, Alternative Adverts has positioned itself as one of Africa’s premier digital marketing agencies. It is worthy to mention that it is not only Alternative Adverts that have ventured into the display network scene in Africa but a large percentage of the other networks have folded up either due to bad management or their sheer inability to maintain the network. In that sense, when one is thinking about Africa’s premier digital marketing agency with respect to results, good management, longevity and a good track record, Alternative Advert comes first.

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