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The Tabata Method

The Tabata method

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The Tabata method is a style of training where your body reaches new goals in training. It is a form of training that is known as one of the best workouts to get in shape and burn fat.

It is not because it does not last long that it is necessary. The Tabata method is an extreme and intense version of interval training (HIIT) adopted in particular in the CrossFit. Tabata training lasts only 4 minutes, and it can do much more about your health and fitness than 1 hour of cardio or any other HIIT exercise.

What is the Tabata Methodology?

The method was developed in the laboratory by Professor Izumi Tabata of the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Japan and successfully tested on the athletes of the Japanese Olympic speed skating team. The Tabata method is 20 seconds of intensive exercise followed by 10 seconds of recovery, repeating eight times for a total workout of 4 minutes. Apart from the timing, the only rule, to guarantee the best effect, it is a maximum intensity. Professor Tabata reminds us that "if you feel right after a session, it's because you did not do it right," it's that kind of intensity you need to achieve during training. Results of the Tabata method, Izumi Tabata has demonstrated that his method is more effective and improves cardiovascular fitness more than 1 hour of moderate exercise or another more intensive HIIT exercise with longer recovery periods. The very short recovery intervals oblige the body to keep moving even though it has not recovered from the previous cycle. After six weeks of training five days a week, people improved their anaerobic capacity by 28% and their VO² max (aerobic) by 15%, while those who did 1 hour of cycling five times per week improved their anaerobic capacity by 0% and their VO²max by 10%.

Another beneficial effect of the Tabata method is that you continue to burn calories within hours of training. The Tabata method reduces the risk of diabetes by increasing insulin sensitivity.

Type of exercises that are usually done: squats, pushups, strides, dominated, triceps bottoms, abdominals. You can make Tabata of any exercise that goes through your head.

The Tabata workout promises huge benefits within a short time.

Benefits of Tabata

This method of high intensity is so fashionable, and that it offers multiple advantages:

* Simultaneously improves the aerobic system as well as the anaerobic system. That is, it will not only help to improve cardiovascular endurance but also achieve an improvement in muscular endurance and anaerobic capacity. Training at high intensity will release more testosterone and growth hormones that favor us to gain muscle tone which in turn is positive for sports performance.

* When training at high intensities, we get a higher caloric expenditure, we burn not only many calories while training, but also a posteriori being at rest. This is because the body takes some time to recover the normal rhythm of metabolism that during training has been very high.

* It achieves very good results in a very short time since it is a very demanding job. It helps to reduce body fat index. Reducing the excess fat in the body helps us to be more efficient in our workouts, increases our performance.

* It does not take much time, so it becomes a very efficient method. Unlike other types of training, in a very short time, you can get great results because you train at high intensity.

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