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Gilmore Girls Wine Pairings

I am BEYOND excited for the Gilmore Girls Seasons reveal on Netflix. In honor of the fact that for one entire day we will all be binge watching and binge eating, (just like our fav mommy/daughter duo) I set up some delicious wine pairings for some of our girls food picks. Because, a Gilmore Girl binge isn't complete unless you're eating like a member of the family. Bon Appetit!

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Strawberry Pop Tarts & White Bordeaux!


Pop Tarts are a passionate main staple in the Gilmore household. You need to match these with something just as easy to drink every day, with brightness and individuality! A white Bordeaux blend is just the thing! The acidity from the sauvignon blanc will cut through the sweetness of the strawberry filling, while the roundness of the semillon will match the texture of the pastry!

Burgers (and fries, duh) & Zinfandel!


I am always a believer that the classic American burger deserves the classic American wine. A Zinfandel is bold and big. And a burger is about the only meal that can stand up to the high alcohol content! So, even if you don't have a perfect boyfriend to make you a SANTA burger (seriously fangirl-ing over Luke every day of my life), enjoy the delicious pair :)

Red Velvet Cake & Vin Doux Naturel!


Who doesn't need dessert after a burger? A Vin Doux Naturel is a dessert wine made from mostly grenache noir grapes from France, just like the concierge we all love! It's fortified while the juice is still naturally high in sugar,'s healthy, right? Michel loves healthy.

Orange Chicken & Torrontes!


Clearly, the girls lived on Chinese food. And it was always my favorite to (over)eat while I watched reruns. Since Chinese food varies so much in flavors, I picked orange chicken because that's a dish that came up several times over the seasons. Torrontes is my new obsession for spicy asian dishes. Subtle citrus and orange flavors bring out that flavor in the food, but a bit of floral sweetness mellows out the spice. Even Paris couldn't argue it. Just kidding, of course she could. She's Paris.

Pizza & Italian Red!


One of my main staple wine rules, is to pair food or origin with wine of origin. Since they don't make wine in Stars Hollow, we go back to Italy for this one. Really any Italian table red will work beautifully with pizza, because that's what the people of Italy drink with the pizza they eat! Toppings add a little bit of stylistic difference, but Netflix, pizza and a $10 Italian table wine has never disappointed me.

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