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12 Next-Level Halloween Cakes That'll Make Your Party An Instant Success

You keep the candy; I'll take the cake!

1. Meringue Bone Palace Halloween Cake

Domestic Gothess / Via

2. Bloody Good Double Chocolate Halloween Cake

An Italian in My Kitchen / Via

3. Vampire Attack Halloween Cake

4. Spiderweb Cake

5. Boo-tiful Halloween Cake

6. Killer Mini Bundt Cakes

Homemade Hooplah / Via

7. Melted Witch Cake

The First Year Blog / Via

8. Dark Chocolate Cake With Nutella Buttercream

9. Red Velvet Halloween Cake

The Seaside Baker / Via

10. Chocolate Chip Halloween Mummy Cake

Created by Diane / Via

11. Halloween Bundt Cake

Love Bakes Good Cakes / Via

12. Bloody Halloween Cake

Say it with Cake / Via