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    • rosef4

      I know,Icouldnt believe it! And especially as the white women that they go out of their way to pick have no curves whatsoever, are completely “flat” and androgynous-i.e not sexy at all, by that logic Asian women should be perfect. And surely stereotypically black women are more curvy etc than white/Asian so the runway should be full of them when they want “sexy, beautiful, curvy” women. Such bullshit! The photos here of these unhealthy, lacklustre, robotic zombies with jaded eyes are scary. Not one of the white women stands out-which ok, they shouldnt necessarily forarunway show but, looks like theyre coming offaconveyor belt! Beautiful women (and men) come in every single color under the sun, from pink and white, to cream, to tan, to sallow and brown, to chestnut and dark brown and blue black!

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