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    This Is How People Say They're Celebrating Article 50 Being Triggered

    Some people were happy about it. Others not so much.

    The letter signed by British PM Theresa May last night has been received by the president of the European Council, formally triggering the UK's departure from the EU.

    It was a joyous day for some of the 52% of people who voted to leave the EU. For others...not so much.

    How are you going to celebrate Article 50 Day? I'm going to pour some raw sewage on a beach and buy a very high wattage lightbulb.

    Some happy people were literally flying the flag for Britain.

    Union Flag out to celebrate triggering of #Article50. Important now to unite to get the best deal for the whole of…

    I am flying the Union Flag today to celebrate #BrexitDay After 44 yrs of EU control we are finally getting our grea…

    A "great day for democracy", some said.

    @earlsdon Great day for democracy! I'm going to a Brexit party tonight to celebrate the start of our freedom!😃 #Article50 #BrexitMeansBrexit

    We finally did it everyone. Hard work and dedication by all. Today is a day to celebrate! #BrexitDay #IndependenceDay #Article50 #TeamGB 🇬🇧

    Other people had very specific ideas of how they planned to mark the historic occasion.

    How are you going to celebrate Article 50 day? I'm going to smack myself in the balls with a cricket bat whilst claiming it's good for me.

    How to celebrate Article 50 day.

    People got quite creative.

    Which ludicrous act of self sabotage will YOU perform today? I’m gonna ping myself off the top of a multi-storey car park with a trebuchet.

    I’m going to run through a giant egg slicer and then dive into a vat of pickling vinegar.

    I'm going to run repeatedly at a wasp's nest while naked and covered in jam #SelfSabotage

    The traditional way to observe Brexit day is to drop a heavy object on your foot while screaming obscenities at a foreigner @mrdavidwhitley

    And quite dark.

    @mrdavidwhitley I'll spend the day waving goodbye to my employment rights

    Celebrate the triggering of Article 50 by realising all existence is meaningless and within 100 years nobody will remember you ever lived.

    @mrdavidwhitley I'm going to start being healthier as I assume I'll need my internal organs for currency at some point.

    @mrdavidwhitley I'm going to get me a toaster so powerful that it can toast bread on the other side of the room.

    Some chose to celebrate with denial.

    Happy #Article50 day everyone. I'm going to celebrate by hiding under a pile of coats for 2 years until it all blows over.

    Either way, there will be drinking.

    Time for a drink to celebrate Article 50, with who else but Trigger?