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    The Daily Mail Has Told Critics Of Its Sexist #LegsIt Front Page To "Get A Life"

    People were pretty angry about the paper's front page, but the Daily Mail was not bothered.

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    Yesterday, the PM and Scotland's first minister met to negotiate over the future of the British union.

    The Daily Mail chose to run this front-page image of the leaders, along with this caption:

    Daily Mail / Via Twitter: @hendopolis

    People were irritated.

    My twitter is on fire with the Daily Mail front page.

    Daily Mail reveal souvenir edition to celebrate the 1950s 😬

    . @DailyMailUK I've edited your front page as it is currently wrong. Technically the winner of Legs-it is the milli…

    It was pointed out it's hardly the first time the Daily Mail has been...somewhat problematic.

    If only there'd been some hint that The Daily Mail was wretchedly sexist in every single thing it has ever published

    Still, the #Legsit hashtag was in full swing.

    Nice pins. #legsit #newspaperoftheyear #nevermindbrexit

    I'd like to think in an alternative brexit-verse far far away this is what everyone's getting cross over #dailymail

    Politicians also criticised the coverage.

    The 1950s called and asked for their headline back.#everydaysexism

    This is 2017. Sexist does not begin to describe this front page. For all the strides forward, some have a v.long wa…

    Spot the difference: How Cameron meeting Salmond was reported. -vs- How May meeting Sturgeon has been reported.

    MP Nicholas Soames, responding to an Independent tweet saying David Davis had said Northern Ireland could remain in EU if it united with the south, had this to say...

    The second edition ran with a clarification that the headline captioning the photograph was from Sarah Vine's column. Meanwhile, the Scottish Daily Mail ran with a different front.

    The Scottish Daily Mail has managed to avoid sounding like a shrieking bonobo on its front page.

    Men at Mail create #legsit. Public outcry. Men change front page & blame Sarah Vine. Vine doesn't mention #Legsit…

    Some felt the paper just wanted the attention.

    Meanwhile at the #dailymail office.... #legsit

    A newspaper in Mali was even forced into the whole mess.

    It was the Daily Mail NOT the Daily Mali that produced this offensively sexist front-page. Complaints to @MailOnline

    Following the online outcry, the Daily Mail released a statement telling critics to "get a life!".

    "For goodness sake, get a life" The @DailyMailUK responds to criticism of last night's front page

    For goodness sake, get a life! Sarah Vine’s piece, which was flagged as light-hearted, was a side-bar alongside a serious political story. It appeared in an 84-page paper packed with important news and analysis, a front page exclusive on cost-cutting in the NHS and a health supplement devoted to women’s death issues.

    For the record, the Mail was the paper which, more than any other, backed Theresa May for the top job. Again for the record, we often comment on the appearance of male politicians including Cameron’s waistline, Osborne’s hair, Corbyn’s clothes – and even Boris’s legs. Is there a rule that says political coverage must be dull or has a po-faced BBC and left-wing commentariat, so obsessed by the Daily Mail, lost all sense of humour… and proportion?

    Following the outcry, May responded to the front page, laughing off suggestions of sexism to the Express and Star .

    "You will notice that I am wearing trousers today!

    "As a woman in politics throughout my whole career I have found that very often, what I wear - particularly my shoes - has been an issue that has been looked at rather closely by people," she told the newspaper.

    The PM went on to say that "what we do as politicians is what makes a difference to people's lives" and that "most people" concentrated on that. "But if people want to have a bit of fun about how we dress, then so be it."

    Call me po-faced, but it's disappointing PM hasn't recognised how damaging this sort of thing is. Over to you…

    And if things weren't dramatic enough, somehow a wire story accusing the paper of sexism ended up on the MailOnline website.

    Amazing. @DailyMailUK is running a @PA wire on its website, about its front page controversy…

    In summary: lol.

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