Drink "Probably Involved" In Attempted Triceratops Theft

    “I mean, it's typical isn't it? I go away for the weekend and someone steals me dinosaur,” the owner said.

    Drunken thieves apparently attempted to make off with a 25-foot dinosaur model on the Isle of Wight.

    Godshilla, as the triceratops is affectionately known, was photographed by Chris Hollinghead as he drove through Godshill on Saturday night.

    Owner Martin Simpson said it was “probably four or five pretty hefty lads who’d had a bit too much to drink.”

    “I mean it’s typical isn’t it? I go away for the weekend and someone kidnaps me dinosaur,” Simpson told BuzzFeed News.

    He added he’d had “unbelievable” attention from the picture and was thinking of getting T-shirts printed with “How did the dinosaur cross the road?”

    Godshilla has now been returned to her enclosure by staff from Island Roads.

    The dinosaur didn't suffer any serious damage, although Simpson said a few of her toes were broken during the heist.