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Never Buy An Expensive Apple Cable Again!

Apple charging cables are expensive and don’t last that long, needing replacement regularly and that's an unwanted expense.

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SMART NIGHT LIGHTER - Make phone charging Smarter!

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Smart Night Lighter is the first Charger Adapter with a forward light to make it easy to connect in the dark, and also color changing ambient lighting to set a fun night mood or to use as a night light. And because the Smart Night Lighter is MFI certified (Made for iPhones), it can use less expensive charger cables.

Night Light Helps Prevent Falls!

Everybody worries about their parents, especially the older they get. Getting up in the middle of the night to use the restroom is a condition that affects older people in general and also diabetics. This “need to go” in the middle of a dark night can be dangerous, and has led to more than one fall.

We have a solution! Smart Night Lighter Charger Adapter can also be used as a soft night light illuminating pathways for anyone who needs to get up in the dark. So it’s a great safeguard for our parent’s well-being. This cable charger has a built-in light that powers up with the click of a button.

Has this ever happened to you?

You turn off the lights and go to bed. Then you realize you have to charge your phone, and have two choices: either fight for a minute or two trying to plug in the phone in the dark, or get up and turn the lights on to do it.

Smart Night Lighter

Night Lighter Charger Adapter solves the problem with 2 kinds of light. Forward white light and side color mood lighting. Never fumble in the dark again with charging your phone. Never scratch it or bend the adapter because you can’t tell if it’s going into the phone port correctly.

The Night Lighter Adapter allows you to charge Apple devices using any cables, so you save money!

Also works with Android phones or devices.

And the forward lighting function illuminates the phone connection for easy charging at night, or in dark or in dim places.

Smart Night Lighter is made with premium grade material ensuring reliability and comes in Apple Iphone and Google Android compatible versions.

* 1500 lumen power a white light to help with night charging

* The powerful forward light makes charging in the dark easy

* Ambiance lighting from the sides

* Ambient lighting sets a fun relaxing mood with soft colors

* Soft colors of light also improve baby’s rest

* Works with both Apple and Android devices

* Never buy an expensive Apple cable again

* Available Smart Cables in white and multi colored braid

* Smart Cables have higher charging speed because they contain more copper wiring.

* Designed by award winning team

* Unique and trendy patented design

* More benefits…

* Can be used as a night light to prevent falling when getting up at night

* Helps prevent scratching of phone when attaching charger

* Mood lighting helps improve deep sleep

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