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    15 Reasons Why Roger From "101 Dalmatians" Is Severely Underrated

    No. 1: He's not a prince.

    1. He has his own studio.

    2. He writes his own music and lyrics.

    3. He exercises daily...

    4. He loves dogs.

    5. He smokes a super-sexy pipe.

    6. He trusts his dog's matchmaking skills.

    7. He proves chivalry is not dead.

    8. He has no fear of commitment.

    9. He gives zero fucks about annoying his neighbors.

    10. He has a sexy Grecian nose...

    11. of a god...

    12. ...impeccable style...

    13. ...and swagger for days.

    14. He is unabashedly goofy.

    15. And he brought a stillborn puppy back to life!

    We see you, Roger. We see you.