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    Dean From "Gilmore Girls" Has Become A Total DILF

    Hello, daddy!

    Hey girl, remember this face?

    How 'bout now?

    That's right. It's Dean Forester, the man of your teenage dreams.

    Well, lil' Deanie-Weenie's all grown up.

    Jared married his Supernatural co-star, Genevieve Cortese, in 2010. The couple has since had two sons.

    And they are cute AF.

    Did intention that my kiddoes love their shirts? :) only 3 days left!!!!

    Which is no surprise, considering their lineage.

    “@JensenAckles: #HappyFathersDay to all the great men out there.Including my boy @jarpad #SPNfamily ” great day :)

    It seems like they're as into their dad as we are.

    And who could blame them?

    Who said blue horses don't exist? Shep and I call BS! #midway #atx

    He's got a fantastic sense of humor.

    So, @JensenAckles is mad that he didn't get photo credit for this picture. So, YES, he was the photographer.

    Musical skills that'll make you swoon.

    It's incredibly difficult to play guitar with a 14 month old hanging off the fretboard. #DaddyIssues

    And the ability to tame wild animals.

    @sandiegozoo Staci, Jenny and everybody who made our zoo trip so special, THANK YOU. We had a great time!

    Hell, the guy can even read!

    Daddy and Tom reading the 1st version of my sisters' book @BigMoBook !! Buy on Amazon at!

    While we'll always have a spot in our hearts for Dean...

    It's time to embrace Jar-Pad the Rad-Dad.

    Awesome time with my wife and boys at @ATXLights Can't wait to do it again! #TrailofLights

    With arms wide open.

    This is, literally, my favorite picture of all time. Daddy takin his boys to their first English pub ;).

    C'mon, give us a squeeze.