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15 Faces That Perfectly Sum Everything You Hate About The Summer

Winter is coming... but not soon enough.

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1. When you hear that it's going to be in the 90s all week.

Flickr: zigazou76 / Via Creative Commons

2. When it gets cloudy enough to rain, but doesn't.

Flickr: chrisgold / Via Creative Commons

3. When your friends invite you to a theme park even though you know it will be overrun with annoying kids on summer vacation.

Flickr: 69214385@N04 / Via Creative Commons

4. When you evaluate your social plans based on how much sun-to-skin contact they involve.

Flickr: left-hand / Via Creative Commons

5. When someone mentions they have central air conditioning.

Flickr: celesteh / Via Creative Commons

6. When you're exhausted by the effort it takes to stay hydrated.

Flickr: neilt / Via Creative Commons

7. When you check on your makeup after an afternoon outdoors.

Flickr: griep / Via Creative Commons

8. When someone tells you that you should be used to the heat... as if that was something that actually happened to human beings ever.

Flickr: andyhay / Via Creative Commons

9. When people talk about winter like it's a bad thing.

Takuya Arai / Via Flickr: timarai

10. When it's too hot to sleep. Even without clothes.

Flickr: scalino / Via Creative Commons

11. When you're dragged along to another outdoor concert of a band nobody cares about simply because it's free.

Flickr: foto4lizzie / Via Creative Commons

12. When you drive and no matter what direction you're going, the sun is always right in your eyes.

Dennis G. Jarvis / Creative Commons

13. When you realize this is something you'll have to put up with once a year for the rest of your life.

Flickr: monnot / Via Creative Commons

14. When you start to see school supplies on display.

Flickr: archer10 / Via Creative Commons

15. And when it finally dips into the 60s.

Flickr: cpakmoi / Via Creative Commons

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