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    17 Gifts For People Who Have A 5th Grade Sense Of Humor

    Perfect for unbirthdays.

    1. A good old fashioned tea bag.

    2. This trunk for their junk.

    3. A flying "F*ck."

    4. This number two pencil.

    5. This unicorn finger puppet.

    6. This terrifying cookie cup.

    7. This hairy beaver.

    8. This subtle mug.

    9. These bathroom-ready matches.

    10. This beautiful agate night light.

    11. These sugar and cream bowls.

    12. This lovely embroidery.

    13. These crocheted baby caps.

    14. This work of art.

    15. This soft ass pillow.

    16. These boobie stickers.

    17. A bunch of cock suckers.