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    17 Gifts For People Who Have A 5th Grade Sense Of Humor

    Perfect for unbirthdays.

    1. A good old fashioned tea bag.

    Better in the mug than on it, I always say. $10.99 here.

    2. This trunk for their junk.

    A surefire way to stave off poachers. $39.99 here.

    3. A flying "F*ck."

    This remote controlled mini-helicopter is usually better to receive, because in this day and age, who can really give one? $19.99 here.

    4. This number two pencil.

    This shit sells itself! $3.95 here.

    5. This unicorn finger puppet.!/

    The middle finger is much more palatable when topped with a unicorn. $8 here.

    6. This terrifying cookie cup.

    For the friend who can't look at this without making sound effects. $18 here.

    7. This hairy beaver.

    Grow you own and don't forget to trim. $6.99 here.

    8. This subtle mug.

    Perfect for when they have guests over. $25.45 here.

    9. These bathroom-ready matches.

    Honesty is the best policy. $6.50 here.

    10. This beautiful agate night light.

    Which is absolutely not marketed as the vaginal beacon it is. $18 here.

    11. These sugar and cream bowls.

    When caffeine is not enough. $56.14 here.

    12. This lovely embroidery.

    Because bitches get cross stitches. $14 here.

    13. These crocheted baby caps.

    They're the tits. Starting at $10 here.

    14. This work of art.

    Those who can't, color. $18 here.

    15. This soft ass pillow.

    For your beloved butterface. $20 here.

    16. These boobie stickers.

    It's the closest they may ever get to touching them. $5 here.

    17. A bunch of cock suckers.

    Tell them to suck it. $9.99 here.

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