15 AIM Struggles All '00s Teens Will Remember

    I'm not here, I'm on the potty, but don't you leave if you're a hotty ;-*

    1. Spending hours trying to pick the buddy icon that would make you seem like the coolest person ever.

    2. When you thought someone's away message was directed specifically at you, only to realize they'd done the cursed "%n" trick.

    3. When you had to go to SmarterChild to get the answers to life's hard questions.

    4. When you got in a fight with your friends and removed their name from the list of "BFFs" in your profile.

    5. When you tried to cyber.

    6. Lying about your A/S/L to seem older.

    7. When your crush logged off the second you logged on.

    8. When you created fake accounts to see if your friends were talking about you behind your back, or if your crush liked you.

    9. When a riveting conversation was sabotaged by a faulty phone line.

    10. When you spent 10 minutes staring at your away message to see if anybody was trying to talk to you.

    11. When you were so incredibly interesting that you needed a SubProfile to fully express yourself.

    12. Constantly checking your SubProfile's guestbook to see if you had any new notes.

    13. Switching all your notifications to cow moos...

    14. Devoting endless hours trying to customize your buddy list into categories that fit your current angst.

    15. And deciding whether you wanted to go by "gurl", "geek", "pro", "cutie", "babe", "princess", "sk8r" or "hottie."