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    30 Contemporary Painters You Should Know

    Art for, and by, the living.

    1. Rita Ackerman

    2. Thierry Bisch

    3. Fernando Botero

    4. Michaël Borremans

    6. Marlene Dumas

    7. Julie Combal

    8. Sam Dillemans

    9. Eric Fischl

    10. Toos van Holstein

    11. Anselm Kiefer


    12. Chantal Joffe

    13. Martin Wittfooth

    14. Totte Mannes

    15. Odd Nerdrum

    16. Wangechi Mutu

    17. Albert Oehlen

    18. Larry Poons

    19. Elizabeth Peyton

    20. Ernest Ruckle

    21. James Rosenquist

    22. Neo Rauch

    23. Jenny Saville

    24. Joan Snyder

    25. Helmut Tollmann

    26. Wayne Thiebaud

    27. Peter Doig

    28. Jeremy Miranda

    29. Kate Tucker

    30. Jen Mann

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