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21 Dogs Who Are Psyched For Thanksgiving

Because, you know, who isn't?

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1. Dean.

2. Wiford and Martha.

3. Donna, Lester, and Sam.

4. Chastity.


5. Stafford, Erik, Jess and Cassidy.

6. Zeb and Belle.

7. Terrence.

8. Hunter and Clem.


9. Rebecca and Spencer.

10. Rooney and Betz.

11. Quentin and Elise.

12. Nancy.


13. Chester.

14. Willow.

15. Buster and Edith.

16. Greta.


17. Silas.

18. Tucker.

19. Phil and Bethany.

20. Bonnie, Irving, and Eustace.

21. Teddy.

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