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17 Quite Interesting Facts We've Learned From QI

The charming British trivia show that teaches you that everything you've ever learned is wrong.

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1. The British bee died out in the first World War

2. The minimum IQ required to be in the Spanish army is 70. German Shepherds have an IQ of 60.

3. In the novels, James Bond believed that homosexuals could not whistle.

4. Alexander the Great introduced bananas to Europe.

5. Aristotle thought that snot was brain matter.

6. Half of the humans who have ever lived are believed to been killed by the mosquito.

7. Chocolate is toxic. The lethal dose for a human is about 22 pounds.

8. Camels originated in the grasslands of America 20 million years ago.

9. There are technically only 46 United States. Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Virginia are commonwealths.

10. Ballet is illegal in Turkmenistan

11. The sound of a whip cracking is not leather hitting leather; it is a mini sonic boom.

12. Mozart wrote “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.

13. The life expectancy of a eunuch is 13 years longer than the average man.

14. Koala fingerprints are indistinguishable from those of humans.

15. Fruit flies were the first creatures to be sent into space.

16. The Albanian language has 27 words to describe the shape of mustaches, and 30 for eyebrows.

17. Loofahs are plants, not sea creatures.


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