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17 Brilliant Names For Baby Cumberbatch

With The Oscars right around the corner, newlyweds and parents-to-be Sophie Hunter and Benedict Cumberbatch could use some help planning for baby. To help them out, we've compiled this list of very strong candidates.

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1. Clackerink Lombartack

2. Snofflepoo Mapablab

3. Clancybelle Dinalingk

4. Phoetobal Konstanbulous

5. Dawntin Gabbi

6. Knecktye Tickla

7. Terrycloth Hundergantz

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8. Blunderbus Escalade

9. Basilworth Celiac

10. Birchley Contorsia

11. Jollopious Quinch

12. Odelesh Gevamie

13. Tillichoast Chumgucky

14. Frootesia Trinkle

15. Nannyboots Glittah

16. Jumblegash Ticklebuntz

17. Snugglepuss Blinkyblog

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