15 Ways You Know You Work At A Tech Start-Up

What do you mean you’re 25 and your job doesn’t end with dot com?

1. You don’t know how anyone functions with less than two monitors.

One for work, and one for your stories!

2. You’re surrounded by modern furniture.

If there’s not an umlaut in the name, it doesn’t belong here.

3. You haven’t had a real weekend off since you started.

Sure I’ll work 11–9 with Sunday–Tuesday off!

4. Beer!

Whether it’s while you work, or an office kegger on Fridays, it’s deeply ingrained in your company’s culture.

5. Any pants with less elastic than yoga pants are considered “formal wear”.

Your work clothes are just slightly more presentable than what you wore in college.

6. You judge your productivity by the number of browser tabs you have open.

And it takes you five minutes to find the one that’s playing the ad at full volume.

7. Your office is almost wall-free.

Surely there was a study done somewhere that makes this a good idea.

8. You’ve lost the ability to gauge anyone’s age.

That guy you thought was 25 is 37, and you’re older than everyone on your team.

9. You’re on a first name basis with everyone in the company, even the CEO.

Regardless of how well you know them. Turns out most employees are just humans like you!

10. You don’t know how you’d cope with having a job that actually required you to wear suits.

Seriously. You have to buy those things! With your own money!

11. You get grumpy when it gets too busy to watch Netflix.

Because streaming is a right, not a privilege!

12. No two employees have the same degree.

Probably the only environment where hiring theater majors alongside urban development majors makes sense.

13. Most of your managers wear plaid.

It’s not a uniform, or even suggested. It just kind of happens.

14. You have a game room.

At work.

15. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and good work, all at one time?

Yeah. You can do that.

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