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14 Secrets That Millennials Will Take To Their Grave

Cross my heart, hope to.... OMG DYING.

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14. I have never read Harry Potter


13. Instagram is really dumb

12. Beyonce is just okay

11. I really don't mind not living in NY

10. I can afford nicer wine... in a bottle

9. I would rather just watch the live stream of concerts than go to them

8. Kale tastes like feet

7. I say I haven't been going to yoga, but I have

6. Brunch is just breakfast

5. I hate when you quote Mean Girls all the time. It isn't funny anymore.

4. I get black coffee at Starbucks

3. I don't have a Netflix account


2. I am in a healthy and mature relationship

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1. I know what I am going to do after college and I am qualified for the job

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