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11 Things That Are Super Annoying To People Who Are Good Drivers

If you do any of these better! If you're already on the Good Drivers List, Root wants to reward you for it!

1. When someone makes a turn without properly signaling.

2. People wildly weaving in and out of traffic.

3. High beams...

4. When a car waits too long to merge into the exit lane and proceeds to fly through four lanes of traffic.

5. Tailgating (not the fun kind).

6. When the light turns green...but the car in front won't just GO!

7. Blatant disrespect of the rules of the four-way stop.

8. When someone in front of you pumps the brakes a little too abruptly and you're like, "hit the deck!"

9. People being slow in the fast lane.

10. Or when drivers won't pick just one freakin' speed!

11. And then, of course, people using their phones.

Additional images courtesy of Getty Images.

America's highways are filled with terrible and annoying drivers who are raising insurance costs for the rest of us. But Root Insurance imagines a different, fairer way to reward the best drivers on the road. Download the app to get started!