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    30 Funny Daily Life Reaction Gifs For When...

    Collection of 30 funny reaction gifs for real life situations.

    1. You're In The Car With A Bad Driver

    2. An Obviously Beautiful Person Gets Complimented And Keep Saying: No I’m Not Over And Over

    3. You Just Kissed A Hot Girl

    4. Your Girlfriend Says She Wants A Baby

    5. You Get To Leave Class Early

    6. Someone Says, I Will Pay For You

    7. You Go Swimming And The Water Is Too Cold

    8. It’s Time To Unwrap Your Birthday Presents

    9. You Fail A Test That You Studied Hard For

    10. An Online Ad Asks If You Want To Share It With Friends

    11. You Realize The Weekend Is Over And It's Almost Monday

    12. Someone Asks You If You Just Farted

    13. People Look At Your Phone While You're Texting

    14. When You Forget To Set Your Alarm, But Still Wake Up On Time

    15. Your Sleeves Start To Fall Down While You're Washing Your Hands So You’re All Like

    16. Someone Says A Bad Joke About You

    17. When You Watch Someone Walk Into A Room You Just Farted In

    18. A Person With More Than 15 Items Gets In The Express Line

    19. You See A Mosquito On Your Friend

    20. Someone Insults Your Favorite Band

    21. You And Your Friend Find Out You Are Assigned As Lab Partners

    22. You Find The Backside Of The Test

    23. Everyone Laughs At A Joke You Don’t Get

    24. You Get The Toy You Wanted With Your Happy Meal

    25. Your Girlfriend Randomly Asks You If You Want To Have Sex

    26. You Go Out To A Fancy Dinner And Get The Bill

    27. Someone Brags About How Many Friends They Have On Facebook

    28. Haters Try To Hate:

    29. Someone You Don't Like Says Something Funny

    30. You Hear A Joke, Then Realize It’s About You