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    These Fluffy Corgi Butts Will Brighten Up Your Day

    fluffy butts so beautiful they could give the Kardashians a run for their money.

    1. Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney (not actual names)

    2. A rare breed: Corgi BUNny

    3. That time this pooch tried to start a conga line but no one joined in. :(

    4. Osker: Kim K. got nothing on this butt!

    5. Only trust people who like big butts. They cannot lie.

    6. Gatsby and Scout: Butt Twinning.

    7. Trinket waited so long for Hump Day.

    8. Gatsby: Just got my fluffs trimmed!

    9. Gracie and Odin: Double the bun, double the fun!

    10. Scout: Beach bum.

    11. Wally: Let your girlfriend choose between this gift or my fluffy momo!

    12. Odin: Likin' what you see, huh? ;)

    13. Momo and Mofi: Who's the fluffiest of them all?

    14. WARNING: Objects in photo are fluffier than they appear.

    15. Wally and Hazel to the rescue!

    16. Dale: Getting ready for Easter!

    17. Aqua the corgi: BRB gotta show off my outfit!

    18. Winston the white corgi didn't get the memo.

    19. Aqua: System freeze!

    20. Ventus and Bagel: Excuse me, can you give us a minute?