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When Our Food Comes To Life!

Almost every product has a spokesperson or mascot. However, it can be an odd mix of entertaining and creepy when anthropomorphized foods become household names. Here's some of the more notable foods that have come to life through the years.

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Mr. Peanut


Sporting a top hat, monocle, white gloves, spats, and a cane- Mr. Peanut is one dapper nut who needs no help coming out of his shell. Mr. Peanut was created in 1916 by a 14 year old boy who won a contest to create a mascot for the company. His drawing was later gussied up by an artist and has remained mostly the same since.

M & M Spokescandies


Many brands use spokesmodels or a spokesperson to sell their brand but M & M uses their signature spokes candies, walking and talking versions of their colorful button shaped candies that all wear the signature 'm' on their shell. John Goodman and Jon Lovitz are former voices of the candy.

The California Raisins


Originally created by The California Raisin Advisory Board, (Yes, there is such a thing) these anthropomorphized shriveled grapes singing Motown hits quickly outgrew their commercial success. They went on to have their own primetime special, Saturday morning cartoon and Nintendo game modeled after them.

Twinkie The Kid


This All American snack cake with a creamy filling disappeared from shelves in 2012, but thankfully it was only temporary. If you grew up in the 70s and 80s you probably remember Twinkie The Kid who wore boots, gloves, a kerchief and a ten-gallon hat! Twinkie The Kid isn't around anymore but thank goodness the snack cakes have returned to store shelves because life without Twinkies would just be downright un-American!

Mrs. Butterworth's


The syrup bottle was in the shape of Mrs. Butterworths and in the commercials she came to life and talked. As a child, I spent endless hours peeking into our family's lazy susan hoping our bottle would talk back to me, but no such luck.

The Pillsbury Doughboy


Poppin' Fresh widely known as The Pillsbury Doughboy is the cutest unbaked Crescent Roll the world has ever seen. He's got a scarf, a chef's hat, big blue eyes and the cutest little giggle when poked.

Mayor McCheese


He had a cheeseburger for a head adorned with a top hat, some spectacles and a sash worn over his body declaring him the McMayor. He pretty much disappeared from the McDonald's campaign in the Mid 1990's.... much like real meat disappeared from McDonalds.



It was a scary looking ice cream cake with a scary name with a voice that made you cringe when it "came to life" in it's low budget 80's commercials for Carvel Ice Cream. CookiePuss had an ice cream cone nose and on St. Patrick's day it was decorated in green and served as Cookie O'Puss. If this seems weird, well, that's because it is... keep in mind the same company also served a cake called "Fudgie The Whale!"

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