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The Golden Girls Guest Stars : Dead Or Alive?

Betty White, is tragically the last living main cast member from The Golden Girls. However, the shown was known for it's variety of guest actors. Let's recall some of the more memorable guests and find out if they outlived most of our Golden ladies.

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Mammy Watkins: Dead or Alive?

DEAD: Ruby Dee as Viola Watkins, Blanche's Mammy who reappeared after 50 years in search of a music box following Big Daddy's (Blanche's father & Mammy's secret lover) death.

She just died last month at 91, which means her real age wasn't far off from the Golden Girls characters ages at the time of taping, even though she was supposed to have been a caretaker to Blanche.

Dr. Jonathan Newman: Dead or Alive?


DEAD: Brent Collins as Dr. Jonathan Newman, a "little person" who has a small role dating Rose for one episode. We meet Dr. Newman when Dorothy opens the door and surprised by his size she famously asks him, "May I take your height... I mean, hat?"

Collins died in 1988 at the age of 46 when he suffered a heart attack as a result of rapidly growing from his short stature.

Big Sally: Dead or Alive?


ALIVE: Brenda Vaccaro as Big Sally, the wife of Phil- Dorothy's never seen brother who enjoys cross dressing. She rocked a raspy voice, an animal print at a funeral and her outstanding portrayal of a grieving wife who was not one bit bothered by Phil's eccentric behavior. She earned a PrimeTime Emmy Nomination for this appearance.

She is alive and 74.

Daisy, The Sunshine Cadet: Dead or Alive?


ALIVE: Jenny Lewis as Daisy, a sunshine cadet. Jenny has had a successful career as an Indie Rock musician but she started as a childhood actor. She played the bratty Sunshine Cadet Daisy who was accidentally given Rose's teddybear Fernando and when she was asked to return it, she wound up holding it for Ransom.

Jenny is alive at the age of 38, currently performing in the duo Jenny & Johnny with boyfriend Johnathan Rice.

Clayton Hollingsworth: Dead or Alive?


ALIVE: Monte Markham as Clayton Hollingsworth, Blanche's gay brother. Clayton makes two appearances in the series, one to come out to Blanche and another to introduce his boyfriend. Blanche had a difficult time accepting her brother's sexuality, even though in real life, actress Rue McClanahan was a huge supporter of the LGBT community.

Still alive, 'Clayton Hollingsworth' is 79.

Stanley Zbornak: Dead or Alive?


DEAD: Herb Edelman as Stanley Zbornak, Dorothy's "yutz" of an ex husband. They were married only after Stanley knocked her up at the age of 18, which she said only took three seconds.

We lost Stanley before any of the other main characters, he passed in 1996 at the age of 62 from Emphysema.

Freida Claxton: Dead or Alive?


DEAD: Nan Martin as Freida Claxton, who has a 200 year old Oak tree on her property who the neighbors, including The Golden Girls want preserved while Ms. Claxton is happy to have it torn down. They are in a courtroom arguing over the tree when an enraged Rose tells Ms. Claxton that she could drop dead. And, she did. Then she passed for real in 2010 at the age of 82.

Fun fact: Nan Martin also played Philomena Bosco, Sophia's family friend from Italy in season 3. The series often cast the same actors in different roles.

Broke Gloria: Dead or Alive?


ALIVE: Dena Dietrich as Dorothy's Sister Gloria. Two different actresses played Gloria, In Season 6 Dena (The better of the 2 Glorias) comes to visit after losing her money in a bad investment. Dorothy gloats over that but stops gloating when her sister winds up in bed with her ex-husband Stan. More than once.

Dena is also famous for playing Mother Nature in a popular series of Chiffon Margarine commercials that aired through the 70's where she would famously exclaim, "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature!" She is 85.

Bonus: Gloria #1 played by Doris Belack died in 2011 at the age of 85.

Mister Terrific: Dead or Alive?


ALIVE: Bob Dishy as Mister Terrific, Rose's boyfriend and host of a local children's show who Dorothy inadvertently gets fired. Rose was enamored with him and tries to talk him off the ledge when he threatens to jump after his firing. He does jump, with Rose in his arms but he winds up "flying" because he is a superhero. (He was hooked up to cables)

Mr. Terrific was born in 1934 and is still alive.

Lorraine Wagner-Zbornack: Dead or Alive?


DEAD: Rosalind Cash as Lorraine Wagner-Zbornack, wife of Dorothy's son Michael. We meet Lorraine because she and Michael are about to get married. Dorothy objects due to their age difference, while Lorraine's family (Greta, Trudy and Libby) have a problem with Michael being White. They argue about it, unbeknown to them that the two ran off to get eloped.

Rosalind died of Cancer in 1995 at the age of 56.

Ken Whittingham, Lawyer Turned Clown: Dead or Alive?


ALIVE: Dick Van Dyke as Ken Whittingham, a successful attorney who dates Dorothy and during that time decides to leave behind being a lawyer to become a full time clown. Best known for his sitcom, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Dick had stellar comedic timing in this appearance as he rescued Dorothy and the girls from going to jail when he represented them in court, dressed as a clown.

Dick Van Dyke is alive and 88. Last year, he "cheated death" when his car burst into flames on the side of a Los Angeles freeway.

Snooty Barbara Thorndyke: Dead or Alive?


ALIVE: Bonnie Bartlett as Dorothy's snooty writer friend Barbara Throndyke who is extremely condescending to Rose and Blanche. Dorothy refuses to acknowledge Barbara's ways until she invites them all to the Mortimer Club but insists that Sophia's boyfriend Murray Guttman can't attend because it is a "restricted" club. Dorothy then tells Barbara off and the girls eventually make up before the end of the episode.

Bonnie has had a long career, including a guest role on Parks and Recreation in 2013. She is alive and 85.

Miles Webber: Dead or Alive?


DEAD: Harold Gould as Rose's boyfriend, a college professor named Miles Webber who turns out to actually be Nicholas Carbone as we find out MIles is a part of the witness protection program. Harold Gould also dated Rose for one episode in the first season when he played Arnie. After having to leave Miami, Miles reappears as a rabbi (his new identity) and when Sophia finds out she exclaims, "Silly Rabbi. Trix are for kids!"

Harold died from prostate cancer in 2010. He was 86.

Count Bessie: Dead or Alive?


DEAD? She wasn't a barnyard chicken, she was a showbiz chicken who Rose was temporarily watching. Meanwhile, Count Bessie broke out of her cage and everyone thought that visiting Aunt Angela had cooked the Count when she served them fried chicken that she found in the garage.

I can not find any actual information confirming that Count Bessie has passed but this episode was filmed in 1987 so it's fairly safe to assume that she has sadly clucked the bucket.

The Donatello Triplets: Dead, Partially Dead, or Alive?


ALL DEAD: The Del Rubio Triplets as The Donatello Triplets, a musical act that Sophia manages and tries to get into the charity talent show that Dorothy is chairman of. We actually only see the triplets for about 30 seconds in this episode where Bob Hope appears at the end. The Triplets, wearing matching shimmering gold dresses sing The Neutron Dance as their audition piece.

The Del Rubio Triplets consisted of Eadie, Elena and Milly. As of 2011, they have all passed on to the big talent show in the sky.

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