Back To School Tips From Jerri Blank

It’s back to school time and who better to learn from than Jerri Blank. She was a user, a boozer and a loser who made it back to school at 46 and has some valuable tips to help you through your school year.

It’s good to know your limitations. You can’t be everything!

You will get very busy. Jot down useful notes and reminders to help keep yourself organized.

Always eat a healthy breakfast to help you stay alert and at your very best all day long.

High school is awkward at any age. You may do embarrassing things but learn to own them because one day you will look back at them and laugh!

Don’t be afraid to protect your friends. If you see something, say something!

Laughter can be the best medicine! And, if you’re friends are too uptight to get your sense of humor, then ditch those losers.

Don’t try to avoid the teacher if he wants to speak with you. He’ll always find you!

Drop the purity act. Being a whore will get you more friends. Or, at the very least laid. Just don’t get pregnant and all is fine.

Don’t be indecisive. Guys like a chick who knows what she wants.

If you’re not sure about something, then just take a stab it. You never know unless you try, right?

Finally, no matter what, you must always love yourself!

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