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Back To School Tips!

Leaving the lazy mornings and Summer vacation behind can be rough! Here's some helpful hints from our animal friends to get you through the new school year!

RonnRonnRonn 4 years ago

When Our Food Comes To Life!

Almost every product has a spokesperson or mascot. However, it can be an odd mix of entertaining and creepy when anthropomorphized foods become household names. Here's some of the more notable foods that have come to life through the years.

RonnRonnRonn 5 years ago

The Golden Girls Guest Stars : Dead Or Alive?

Betty White, is tragically the last living main cast member from The Golden Girls. However, the shown was known for it's variety of guest actors. Let's recall some of the more memorable guests and find out if they outlived most of our Golden ladies.

RonnRonnRonn 5 years ago

How To Survive San Francisco's Public Transportation System!

Visiting San Francisco? Just moved here? I'd like to say having a car here is easy and effective, but it's not. However, neither is our public transportation system, mainly MUNI and BART. So, here are some helpful hints on how to get it done!

RonnRonnRonn 6 years ago

Back To School Tips From Jerri Blank

It's back to school time and who better to learn from than Jerri Blank. She was a user, a boozer and a loser who made it back to school at 46 and has some valuable tips to help you through your school year.

RonnRonnRonn 6 years ago

The Jersey Shore: Summertime Survival Tips

It's Summer time at the Jersey shore! If you're not from Jersey and are planning to visit, here are some helpful hints to guide you through the great Garden State.

RonnRonnRonn 6 years ago

Saluting Mrs. Peacock: The Most Memorable TV Mysteries

Eileen Brennan, Mrs. Peacock from Clue, passed away this weekend of Bladder Cancer. While CLUE was a classic murder mystery movie, we pay tribute to Mrs. Peacock by spotlighting some of the most memorable, for better or for worse, television mystery shows.

RonnRonnRonn 6 years ago

Sitcom Cliches: Let's Go Bowling!

Through the years, some plot lines have been seen over and over again. Bringing the characters bowling is one of those. Here's nine of the more "striking" sitcom episodes that went bowling!

RonnRonnRonn 6 years ago