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You Won't Believe These Gift Vouchers Were Given As Presents!

"A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer” (Seneca). Were the following people the victims of cruel intentions or the recipients of the greatest gifts ever? Seriously, it’s not that hard to decide…

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Jesse Mulligan, breakfast host for eight years at More FM Wellington, received $60 of duty-free vouchers at his farewell party, in a plain white envelope, otherwise empty.

Memegen / Via

To top it off, they weren’t even valid for the airport he was flying from for his OE. Talk about feeling appreciated!

Instead of receiving the usual “World’s Best Teacher” mug as a present from her students, one teacher reported receiving a gift voucher for a…bikini wax.

Pixabay / Via

Our tip? Next time, try giving gift vouchers for stores with a wide variety of goods that are more…um…appropriate.

Her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, received a £50 Tesco gift voucher after her horse won an event at the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

And in India, a brilliant Quora user received gift vouchers for his brilliant trickery.

Gaurav Singh / Via

Quora users were asked to say what’s the laziest thing they’ve ever done. Gaurav Singh, from India, responded that he had 3000 rupees to deposit in his bank account but was too lazy to go to the bank. His solution? To order 3,099 rupees worth of shoes on Flipkart, pay the delivery person in cash, and then immediately cancel his order so that the refund would be credited into his bank account for him.

Following the massive response the above post received, Flipkart decided to take it to the public in a poll on Twitter to see how the matter should be handled.

@Flipkart / Via Twitter: @Flipkart

More than 60% of users appreciated this guy’s cleverness and voted in favor of giving him e-gift vouchers!

Scott, we just can’t get enough of you…according to his Secret Santa form from the previous year, he’s apparently raised his price a bit!

Poppy Burge, seven-year-old daughter of Sarah Burge (aka “Human Barbie” because of her fixation on plastic surgery), received a $10,800 Christmas gift certificate for liposuction from her mommy.

Pixabay / Via

It’s not all that surprising when you consider the fact that for her seventh birthday, Poppy received a $9,252 voucher for breast augmentation. “I see these vouchers as investing in her future - like saving money for her education”, said her mom. Hmmm….

Let’s wrap it up on a slightly more serious note. Some lucky Toledo residents received gift cards for the holidays from the local police department!

Tiffany Hernandez / Via Facebook: tiffany.hernandez.96742

The Toledo police department purchased $25-100 worth of gift cards to Meijer, a supermarket chain. They handed them out to drivers who appeared as if they could use the help. The apprehensive drivers who got pulled over were deeply surprised and touched by this grand gesture. We are too!