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7 Creative Ways to Giftwrap Your Gift Vouchers

We all know we're not supposed to "judge a book by its cover". But sometimes, the cover-or the giftwrap, in our case-speaks volumes about how much thought, time and energy was put in to picking out the perfect present. This holds true especially when the present is a plain little piece of plastic, aka the "gift voucher". Sure, we all love getting them but it can feel awkward sometimes to just hand someone a piece of plastic as a present. This guide will show you how to make your gift cards look awesome and impressive!

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1. Gift Voucher Snow Globe

Bakedbree / Via

We initially had an issue with this craft, mainly because we were afraid that the water in the jar would ruin the gift card. But, as the blogger of this lovely tutorial Bree assures us, it doesn't, as long as the gift card is made from plastic. To those still unconvinced, you can always snap a picture of the gift voucher before placing it in the snow globe so all the details will remain intact in a jpg file. The end result is worth the time and energy put into making this craft which is why it makes the top of our list.

2. Gift Voucher Bouquet

Jillibeansoup / Via

Depending on your time and budget, you can do different variations of this project and it will always end up looking impressive. The basic materials are the same; a canister or plant pot. Styrofoam block. Pencils or natural wire floral stems for taping or gluing the flowers. The rest is pretty much colored paper, markers, and your artistic ability. The gift card and voucher are glued to the back of the flowers so that they are just peeping out of the bouquet. The tutorial for this creative idea can be found here.

3. ITunes Gift Card Holder

ITune gift cards sales are on the rise, and DIY tutorials dedicated solely on how to wrap them are plentiful. One of the coolest ways to wrap an ITunes gift card is shared in this tutorial. Don't be deterred by the fact that this DIY craft involves stitching...even the blogger admits that her imperfect stitching actually added to the uniqueness.

4. Glitter Gift Voucher Boxes

Madiganmade / Via

Let's face it; pretty much anything can seem important and impressive when covered in glitter and sparkle. The concept of a glitter gift voucher box may seem simple, but the end result is stunning. The materials for this craft can be found in almost every household and it's fairly quickly to execute.

5. Animal Gift Voucher Holder

Linesacross / Via

This DIY gift voucher holder will surely melt the heart of any animal lover. Just print and cut out the ready made free template, follow the instructions of this tutorial for all the additional quirks and twists (remember people, God is in the details!) and you're good to go.

6. Balloon Gift Voucher Holder

Cloud9living / Via

Balloons are usually the main decoration at any party and this surprise balloon popping out of the box will definitely fit in and add to the festiveness. Tape your gift voucher to a helium balloon, put it in a box, and wait to see the balloon flying out when the box is opened. A word to the wise; make sure that all of this happens indoors. Otherwise, things might become a bit awkward...

7. Gift Voucher & Candy Jar

Followinginmyshoes / Via

Who doesn't like candy? This personalized candy jar can hold both your favorite candy or chocolate and a gift voucher. We found this tutorial on how to create a colorful, delicious candy jar with a gift voucher wrapped up inside, complete with free printable labels.