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10 Tips For Saving Money When Shopping Online

Online shopping retail generated a whopping $231 billion as revenue in 2012 and sales are predicted to grow to $370 billion in 2017. With satisfaction from online shopping at 83 percent, clearly buying items through e-commerce shops is slowly but surely dominating the way we purchase our things. Here are some of the best tips for saving money while shopping online.

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Consolidate Your Purchases

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Most e-commerce shops have an advanced search option that lets you find the lowest price listed for each item. This search filter can save you a lot of time and energy when sorting out the displayed results.

Coupons and Vouchers

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Check if you can purchase a coupon or voucher for what you want to purchase. These are usually cheaper than buying directly from the e-commerce site. You can also get discounts on the gift vouchers themselves from time to time. For example, if you buy a discounted Amazon gift card you will be able to save a percentage from the original price


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Watch out for clearance, seasonal and holiday sales. Also, e-commerce sites usually participate in Black Friday and offer major discounts. Shopping online at this time will also save you the energy (and annoyance) of physically going to the store when it's jam packed and crowded. You can shop online in peace and still enjoy the discounts the stores have to offer.

Shipping Fees

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Are shipping fees causing you to overpay? If so, this information might be useful. There are free shipping sites that work with thousands of e-commerce sites online. For a small monthly fee you can get full price protection and double warranty on whatever you buy. Another way to avoid shipping fees is by spending a minimum amount when making your purchase. If what you want doesn't make it to the minimum amount, consider buying another product that you may need ahead of time and saving on current and future shipping fees that way.

Take Advantage of Social Media

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"Like" your favorite brands' pages so that you are notified regularly whenever their products go on sale. Joining e-mail lists is also recommended; you will usually be the first to know about any discounts, sales, and competitions the store has to offer

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