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Fun Home Decor Ideas To Transform Your Home

Home decorating can either be a wholesome experience if it is done correctly.

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Rather than putting your energy in planning what nuances to add and what color palette to choose, sit back and relax as we compile for you a comprehensive guide that will help you with your home décor.

Dining table décor: If you have a large dining table adorning your living room, why not double it up as a decorative display center? This might seem unusual, but it sure is a fun way to add some flavor to your home. Adding a number of porcelain items as display pieces on the dining table will give it an amazing look. It is not necessary that all the display pieces should match each other; simple choose a central theme and work around that for example, bowls, color blue and white, only plates, etc.

Bedding Fun: We often tend to choose the traditional approach when it comes to bedding; that is making use of same or same color palette mattresses, throws and pillows. How about giving it a bit of a twist? Instead of choosing the traditional single color palette, choose various colors that contrast each other and add some color in your bedroom. Still not convinced? Imagine an olive green bedding with peach color pillows and cream color comforters. A perfect look to an interesting space of your home.

Bathroom Décor: Bathrooms are usually left untouched when it comes to home décor. We tend to settle for whatever is offered without planning to renovate it further. If you too do not wish to spend a hefty amount in bathroom renovation then you can choose to add an antique piece to your bathroom décor.

Color it white: White is a color that adds harmony to the house. It is a neutral shade that looks good in any home, whether the house is big or small. However, here is the twist, instead of adding a white to your walls, color an inexpensive piece of furniture at home white. Usually it is the dining table or the chest of drawers which is painted a beautiful white; light and airy! This is a perfect addition to a house that has a dark colored theme or to a shabby-chic home decor.

Plates: Yes, that’s right, something as simple as plates can turn into an amazing home décor accessory. Choose different shapes of plates, in various sizes and cover one wall of your house with these plates. It will resemble a huge big piece of art and will also add a lot of charm to your décor.

Turkish Runners: These art pieces are a must have if you are someone who loves the bohemian look in their home. It adds instant charm to an otherwise plain passageway or a hallway. You can also have a reading nook at the end of the hallway to add more charm.

The above interesting home décor ideas will enable you to add a lot of charm and style to your home.

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