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This April Fools' Day's Top 10 Travel Pranks

This year, the travel sector pulled no punches on April Fools' Day, leading to some of the finest gags we've seen in some time. Here's a selection of the very best!

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1. The Great Waterslide of China

A plan to turn a large section of the Great Wall of China into a giant waterslide was announced, on the simply-named A Luxury Travel Blog. As incredible as that would be, it does seem a little suspicious - the supposed tourism leader's name translates to "April Fools' Day". Hmm...

2. Gotta Catch 'Em All

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Do you want to be the very best, like no one ever was? To catch all the Pokémon - is that your quest? Is training them your cause? If so, you're in luck (sort of)! Google has unveiled plans to hire the very best of Pokémon trainers as their official Pokémon Master.

And it's real - in a way. Get out your Android or iPhone, open up Google Maps, Press Start and get catching! Sadly, it's not quite as impressive as the video would have you believe...

3. Cruisin' in the Deep

Cruise announced a new initiative starting next year: submarine cruises. Their Chief Engineer - the suspiciously-named Emmanuel Subs - said that they've "spared no expense" in getting the programme up and running, and is hoping that, come summer 2015, people will be able to jump on board a submarine and enjoy all the fun of a cruise ship, underwater.

4. Fly Me to the Red Planet

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Southwest Airlines have added a new route: Dallas to er... Mars. For the introductory price of $9999 (surprisingly cheap, all things considered), you too can take a trip to our more copper-coloured neighbour. Also, they're hoping to start flying to other planets too, so if you think a vacation to Venus would be fun, watch this space!

5. Always on (Metric) Time

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Veteran pranksters WestJet Airlines (previous offerings include cargo hold creches and animals on board) had a unique April Fools' this year: in order to be "more Canadian", they're going to start operating on metric time. It's super simple - there are 1000 milliminutes in a day. Watch the video to find out how easy the conversion is...

6. Love Is in the Air (Literally)


Mr & Mrs Smith are known for offering hotels perfect for a romantic getaway. Now, they're trying something a little different. They are going to start personal "mile high club" flights. For just under £7k per couple (with up to two couples per flight...) you too can join the exclusive group! And if you can pony up another 5 grand, zero-g love is a possibility! Sadly for them, it seems as though at least one company is actually offering this for real...

7. Pay as You Fly

Flight comparison site Cheapflights has brought out its own version of the Oyster card: the Penguin. The card will cost £50, and you'll be able to use it for any flights, being charged a flat rate based on the miles travelled. It can work in tandem with your smartphone for ease of use, and you can even use it to buy in-flight meals. Kinda wish this one were real...

8. Desk Surfing

Airbnb normally lets you rent somewhere to stay. Well now there's Airbrb, which will let you rent somewhere to work. It's a pretty subtle gag, with a surprisingly convincing video behind it. There's even a whole site dedicated to it - - but you'll find that all the desks have been conveniently rented out already...

9. Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot (or Cold, Cold, Cold)

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Richard Branson is the king of pranks. It's undisputed; he's been doing it for years! From 1989's UFO crash to the more recent Virgin Volcanic, Branson's always playing tricks. His latest one is a partnership with Nest - those who produce the smart thermostats - to produce plane seats with individual climate control. From "Cancun Afternoon" to "Chicago Polar Vortex", the temperature in your seat is completely customisable.

10. Google Naps?


You've heard of Google Maps, well now there's Google Naps! Not actually linked to the tech behemoths, Google Naps is a parody site, created by some Dutch programmers. If you're in need of 40 winks, just take to the site and search for the nearest bed, bench or field, and go rest your head. Happy dreaming!

BONUS NON-PRANK - Birthday Fools Fly Free!

Seemingly tired of April Fools' Day pranks, JetBlue have decided to reward any poor souls unfortunate enough to have their birthdays fall on the infamous holiday. Now, we can't find any actual proof that they're really doing this, but the Consumerist website certainly seems to think it's true! Birthday travellers should visit this blog post for more info, then send them an email with your flight details. You'll get your money refunded! If this is real, it's a lovely gesture, but if it's just another prank, it's a particularly cruel one...

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