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    27 Awesome Things That Will Make You Wish You Had Kids

    Kids these days have all the best stuff! Sure, we had Power Rangers and Super Soakers, but those don’t hold a candle to this awesome stuff! If you don’t already have kids, you’ll want them after seeing these.

    1. This Amazing Pushchair/Longboard Hybrid


    The Longboard Stroller is being put together by Studio Peter van Riet, and although it’s not available to buy just yet, can you imagine what the streets are going to be like once it’s available? Something to look forward to…

    2. These Cool Customisable Shoes


    How awesome are those? Monkies shoes are white, and come with a selection of colourful waterproof markers. You or your kid draws all over them, then if they fancy a change, simply wipe off with a sponge and start again!

    3. This Badass Pedal Car (Plane)


    Seriously, if you wouldn’t be envious of a child in one of these bad boys, there’s something wrong with you. This is way better than the red and yellow Little Tikes cars we used to have…

    4. This Ridiculous Remote-Controlled Shark


    It’s a shark. That flies. It is a remote-controlled inflatable shark that flies. Need we say more?

    5. This Fantastic Racing Sledge


    Everyone loves sledging. And while traditional sledges are great, and those ones that are just obscenely thin sheets of plastic are thrilling, surely a purpose-built racing sledge is better? Just look at that thing!

    6. This Hilarious Mr Stay Puft Costume


    Adorable, yet somehow still cool. Sadly, this costume is not available to buy as it was handmade, but we can still hope that something this good will eventually make its way to the shops! Who you gonna call?

    7. This Killer Captain Hook Costume


    Thankfully, this is one costume you can buy, courtesy of the Disney Store. Even if you’re not a fan of Peter Pan, you have to admit that as far as pirate costumes go, this one is a winner. Just as long as no one mentions Rufio, everything will be fine…

    8. This Great Lego Star Wars Set


    Yep, that’s right – you can own a whole Ewok village in Lego form! This massive set includes 5 Ewoks, all the good guys you could probably want (we only care about Han and Chewie, but if you prefer C-3PO or Princess Leia, you’re covered as well), a few Stormtroopers and even a Speeder!

    9. This Awesome Lego Star Wars Set


    We get it. Not everyone likes Ewoks. That’s fine. If you’re one, then take a look at this bad boy instead – the Super Star Destroyer! Coming in at 50 inches long and comprised of 3152 pieces, it’s one of the biggest cool toys around. Also: Vader.

    10. This Incredible Non-Star Wars Lego Set


    Four thousand or so pieces. A red double decker. Enough said.

    All these items are available on the Lego shop website, but they’re not cheap!

    11. This Gangsta Driveable Cadillac


    A toy for rich kids, it’s like another step up from the pedal plane listed above. Children can ride in style at a breezy 5mph with chrome rims and FM radio. Keepin' it G.

    12. This Mind-Blowing Bedroom


    Look at it. Just… just look at it. A climbing wall, a chalk board wall and a slide. Just… wow. The stuff dreams are made of.

    13. This Funky Pushchair


    There are a number of funky pushchair designs from Cosatto – including a pirate-themed one – but this is the best. Imagine pushing your hypothetical child around in this; you would be the coolest parent in the playground.

    14. This Imagination-Fuelled Cardboard Car


    Nappy Head have a whole range of these cardboard beauts, from aeroplanes and rockets to forts and teepees, but you can’t go wrong with cars. Much better than just a boring old box!

    15. This Mad Pair of Socks


    “Socks aren’t awesome!” you cry, indignantly. Well they are when they look like that, okay? Enough of your backchat…

    16. This Rocking CD

    View this video on YouTube


    Enter Sandman as a lullaby. Coolest thing in the history of the world?

    17. This Insanely Good Cat in the Hat Costume


    Everyone loves Dr Seuss, and everyone loves adorable costumes for kids. Combine the two with this fantastic outfit! Everybody say “aww”!

    18. This Awesome Bike-Pushchair Combo


    You and the little one, travelling in style and at speed. And it even converts to a normal pushchair mode! Pretty impressive.

    19. These Supercool Hydraulic Digger Gloves


    GAH. So much awesome. It’s easier to be the king of the (sand)castle than ever with these HandTrux gloves! Who needs kids? We’re ordering some right now!

    20. This Dangerous Water Balloon Crossbow


    Sure, Super Soakers were good. But this is better! This crossbow thing combines the explosive best of water balloons with the distance combat of a water gun… Frankly, it looks lethal!

    21. This Epic Spaceship Bed


    …wow. This is the sort of thing we dreamed of as kids. We can still only dream even now – from the aptly-named Posh Tots, you’ll need $15,000 for this bad boy!

    22. This Fantastical Chest of Drawers


    How does that even work? It’s like something out of Beauty and the Beast! So. Cool.

    23. This Amazing Double Slide


    What’s better than one slide? One slide with two chutes! What kid wouldn’t love something like this in the back garden?

    24. This Microscopic Remote-Control Helicopter


    Apparently the Nano-Falcon is the smallest RC helicopter in the world. It fits on a spoon! It’s like a wasp, only not annoying. And with no stinger. And cool. Not that much like a wasp, really…

    25. This Fab Book of Paper Planes


    From helicopters to planes: the Paper Air Plane Book has more than a hundred different designs, all of which are ready to fold! It teaches you how to throw really well and even how to do tricks like loop-the-loops, and can make everything from a biplane to the Space Shuttle! Much better than our “standard jet” model…

    26. This Giant Floor Keyboard


    You can pretend you’re Tom Hanks’s character in Big with one of these! The Rugrats theme is probably a lot trickier when you have to jump on the keys…

    27. THIS


    This list took you right into the DANGER ZONE.

    This can't be beaten. By anything. Game over.

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