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Are You In Love? See This Valentines Proposal Fails, First.

Being sure of your relationship not always means that She is sure to say YES.

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1) We are sure this guy didn't score that day.

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Some team win that day but sure that poor guy didn't. The girl must have feelings for Lebron. Being rejected that way must hurt, be sure your girl say YES before proposing in front of thousands persons.

2) Lets add some water to this nice proposal

It seems like a good idea and even pretty with al the nice view, its just that that lovely man forgot a little messy variable... the OCEAN! #Underthewaterproposal #TinyDrop

3) Fall in love as the ring falls in...

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And the ring was never found, when you proposed be sure that its not on the highs, in the ocean and sure it should not be in the middle of a waterfall.


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That was a nice speech, but not a nice answer. This girl was very clear at the feelings for this reject Indian. First dear viewers... you don't proposed at a mall with a cleaning woman back there, and second DO NOT PROPOSED AT A MALL!

5) To emotional.

Yes or No? We will not know! Girls... being emotional its okay, but this? Really? That poor guy was not even sure if he got the right answer. Couples remember, if some of you two its to emotional be aware your proposal doesn't has a lot of the surprise factor.

6) Love makes you and rings fly

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Its just not clear how this proposal was supposed to end, but we all have the curiosity of what that poor guy thought.

7) This guy will do anything for a yes.

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As fall off from a roof, this guy will do anything for his girl's yes, she was surprised and scared at the same time, but at the end she said yes. Yeah, that risky jump was worth it.

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